Photo by Ashley Travis.

Corsair is Marie, Paul, Jordan and Michael. Marie met Paul in October 2007 while playing together in Charlottesville VA's Black Sabbath annual Halloween tribute band, Mass Sabbath. In early 2008 Marie wanted to get some rock on, so she called Paul and asked if he'd like to rock out. Shortly after Jordan joined in on bass and Corsair's core had formed.

Paul Sebring (guitar) is a warrior of undaunting fury. Six strings of steel fell giants and titans. His name will echo in the great hall for centuries.

Marie Landragin (guitar) grew up in a rural Australian town, played piano and sang in the choir. Brought up on Chopin and Vivaldi, rebelling with Black Sabbath and later settling with obscure prog bands, Marie picked up classical guitar in high school and quickly moved into the rock world. Screen printer, graphic designer and illustrator she also plays lead guitar in Borrowed Beams of Light.
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Jordan Brunk (bass), raised in Williamsburg VA, finds true happiness in music. Whether it's playing music live, composing, recording, mixing or just talking about it, he cannot imagine a life without it. Jordan started his musical career after graduating from college playing with school friends in The Nice Jenkins.

Michael Taylor (drums) joined Corsair in December 2014.