CORSAIR (S/T), 2012


In the fires of melted stone
lies a heart of wicked bone
Held taught by hands of fire
made strong by hate

She flies on daggered wings
Across their scattered dreams
Cradling a flame so bright
Stolen from the darkest night

Across the marsh she calls her foes
Across the hills she gathers woes
Burned black in the Plinian wild

Storms thick with cries long gone
break upon the hopes of men
Never have a life be spared
from the wrath of the dead
Call your guards and set your sails
cast off now death won't fail
Fire smoke and ash reign on
In this heart, this heart of stone


Running through the fire, they took all I've got
Tore it all away but not my blood
Not my blood

Up in the air, birds they merge and part
Got the fuel pumping through me, like they do
Like they do

Marking his prey and he's heading right for it
Round the corner there's got to be something true
Something true

From a distance it grows stronger
I con't see it but I feel it
I feel it

From inside and within these walls
through the window its all right, its alright
But outside and on the streets
It's all a mess, it's all a mess


The shattered hulls in the darkness
Scattered across the sky
You have not come here to conquer
You have come here only to die
Are you with us?
'til the end, 'til the end my friend

To victory, we ride
For the kill, we are the lions of the sky

Your breath, your home, your children
Are forfeit before us
You have brought down hell upon your lands
By the will of the goddess
Do you bless us?
'til the sun never rises again


Wide heaven above
I've grown faultless and strong
Bearer of the golden blade
Keep me from the white armed one
This little mountain
And a child not of my blood
A silver bow to bring to light
Troubling thoughts and acts of shadow

In the path of the chosen arrow
Let it make its mark
In the heart of a star
Let my aim be straight and true
And in time ill make my way back to you.

This land of titans and stone
Of dust and bones
And on the other side
Something of mine
In the warmth of the trust that you gave me
A temple of the sun
Sweet sister, i will
Ever endeavor to impress you forever

A golden arrow, and a feather flown
In a cool and silent wooded grove


The flame burns at the temple mount
Through the halls, the pillars, the alleys and streets
In a city of eyes
A Lord of Lies, on a throne of snakes

These Kings and cowards
They will fade away
With the passing of darkening days

The blade hangs high in the morning light
Let justice be done
For the good of the realm these men must die
We must have blood

These Kings and cowards
They will fade away
And all these worm tongue fools
They wish you dead
I swear by the gods, i'll take their heads


Shattered light beams burst out of your sigh
a million daydreams bleed out of your eyes

Green clouds with bands of yellow
make the way deniably narrow

Fogged out your mind get tired
mangled tounges, it's all inside

Traced out monsters creep around your heart
whispered galleys float in and depart

Time warps and wears away
stone castles tall and strong

Leathered men hold and bar the gates
while the ancient ghosts feed on the dead

Ten thousand garrsion
bear the load of kings

One tiny memory
bears promise of wings

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



High plains, she stood alone
On a great field of battle filled with bones
She held a skull, the bloody remains if some poor soul

Within her eyes I saw the wild
Within her heart I felt the fire

Have you ever been with a warrior woman?
Six feet tall covered in leopard skin
With a spear of stone and the strength of twenty men
Making love with blood still on her hands

With the grace of a jaguar and the heart of a lion,
She'd stalk the monsters and beasts of old
With a smile I began to understand
That what she was hunting was only a man.


Challenges brought the danger
Bound to friends and to strangers

They will, never, break the bones that hold you
They will, never, take the bonds that make you

Through the passage we were narrow
The path of the chosen arrow

They will, never, break the bones that hold you
They will, never, take the bonds that make you


With the ghosts of fallen power
Still remains the centurion
To hold the post

After death to await
A perpetual fate

Hail Caesar
Hail Caesar

Disciplined and vigilant
Concentration tramples desire
To hold the post

Through the fever, through the freeze
Bring the demons to their knees

Hail Caesar, let him bleed ya'
Trade you soul for the empire
To hold the post

Oh god let him bleed ya'
Hail Caesar, Let him bleed ya'


Build a shrine to deicide
Tear their eyes out one by one
Till the only eye in the sky
Is the sun

Eyes of the gods
Sitting high on their mountain top
They decide who lives and who dies
And I feel as if my life isn't mine

Burn the temple
Burn the priest
Burn them all so my soul can be free
You think you have evolved
You've only forgotten
She'll come back, creeping through the cracks
To destroy your man made mountains

These are not gods
They are but men
Who think themselves greater than
Within the pleasant shackles of sleep
They wish us not to dream
Becoming slaves to the machine


In an ocean of blood and bone
Men sharpen their swords and their spears
Great ships prevail on the breeze
Shadowed is the wolf of the sea

Sails flying, torn at the edge
Spear carefully, the orca will revenge
Sailors seek treasure they don't need

Crimson sea-foam, cresting the waves
Beneath the hull, the heart has been flayed
Gnashed is the flesh and soul of man

Weakness of the strong will rise
'Gainst the ancient blood red sky
Fierce dark shadows creep from below
Sheilding secrets we'll never know