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Unkle K, Cacophemisms

Corsair "One Eyed Horse" - Best 2015 12.31.2015

Lone Watie, Your Last Rites

"Yes, it’s more technically proficient and they’ve definitely achieved a distinct voice while maintaining a staunch foothold in the golden grass of rock-and-roll’s yesteryears, but where they’ve surpassed themselves is in just how intimate this new record is." Best of 2015 #4 12.2015

Mire Travar, Your Last Rites

"YIt contains so much beauty that I can’t even describe it. From the almost perfect guitar tone, mixing the sounds of the finest old hard rock and the finest heavy metal, to the warm and familiar feeling it creates..." Big Bad Gang of Ten #7 12.2015

Bastard.Heavy (Canada)

"The latest CORSAIR LP, One Eyed Horse, is giving this humble metal scribe mega proto-wood. Check out this glorious analog throwback if you crave serious riffage on a Thin Lizzy-goes-space-rock tip. Highly recommended." 11.18.2015

Hugo, Metal Fan (Netherlands)

The group namely delivers good songs, impressive musicianship, a unique identity and last but not least, strong vocals. In other words: can anyone these three men and another woman very soon present to the general public? 11.17.2015

Ludwig Krammer, / Strike! (Germany)

"A clear case for the year's top ten. 9 points." 05.28.2015

A.S. Van Dorston, FastnBulbous

"I've been listening to this all year." 05.18.2015

Hellbound Staff Playlist May 2015

Gabe Hugh, Top 5. 05.01.2015

Last Rites, Staff Infections May 2015

Mirela Travar, Top 6. 05.01.2015

Obliveon - Metal and Gothic Magazine (Germany)

"To say that Corsair are kings as cyclops among the blind would fall short of the mark. A really beautiful, very exciting album with the potential for long-term addiction." 8.5/10 04.06.2015

Bloodbath Fanzine

"This is one of those rare and great records that has its feet planted solidly in the dual realms of metal and rock." 04.06.2015

JJ Koczan, The Obelisk

"Corsair remain a well-kept secret, and one wonders while listening to the harmonies and post-rock bliss of "Royal Stride" just how long they can stay that way. Gorgeous, heavy and definitively their own, there's nothing one could ask of One Eyed Horse that it doesn't deliver. And yes, I mean that." 04.02.2015

Lukasz Frasek, Powermetal Warrior (Poland)

"Everything is so well balanced that it has the impression that the music from another dimension. 8.5/10" 03.01.2015

Lone Watie, Last Rites

"It's obvious in the honesty of the melodies and riff flow, but it's nowhere more evident than in the trademarkable lead-guitar dynamics of Marie Landragin and Paul Sebring. Maybe the only thing more intriguing than the skill in this duo's ubiquitous harmony and counterpoint is the ostensible ease with which they pull it all off. The pair's sort of always defined the potential of Corsair, but on One Eyed Horse, they've made a proclamation of greatness (not that they'd ever lay such claim outright)." 03.01.2015

Last Rites, Staff Infections March 2015

"So what album has the staff most enjoyed during this last month of frozen Hell? One Eyed Horse, the second album from prog/rock/metal group Corsair takes the prize... the lead work is impeccable." 03.01.2015

Sounds of RVA

"The opening song, "Shadows from Breath" is a builder as it begins with ambient tones and far-off fuzzy riffage before unfolding into a melodic affair. Heavy reverb vocals call to mind Mastodon or (clean) Baroness while the lead guitar takes centerstage. Around 4:00 minutes in, the groove turns into a galloping, stoney enterprises that gains more complicated guitar licks as its progresses. Sludgy guitar smears some of the soundscape and it's awesome. And we're only done with the first song." 03.01.2015

Michael Siegl, Metal News (Germany)

"Whoever doesn't tear up during the excellent title cut, when [Paul and Marie] really let it rip, either doesn't understand what guitar music is about or is just plain dumb.. 6/7" 02.28.2015

Chuck Eddy, Rhapsody

Top 15 Metal Albums, February 2015 02.25.2015

Flaming Guitars (Hungary)

"...eyes blurred with the twin guitar solos..." 02.12.2015

Millenium (France)

"Fans of Doom typical 70's will be happy. Corsair offers us a round and warm album of well-crafted rock passages, a fully symptomatic gender power and above all quality writing which places very good as outsiders in 2015. The riffs exude Black Sabbath of yesterday, the band is offering some great hits in addition to time travel. Inspired and played with respect throughout. Great release." 02.09.2015

JJ Koczan, The Obelisk

Corsair "One Eyed Horse" #14/90 - Tomorrow's Dream 2015: 90 of the Year's Most Anticipated Releases. 01.21.2015


Jay Snyder, Hellride Music

"(One Eyed Horse) a forgotten grotto and beamed into the modern era with knowledge of every quality hard rock band, every dual guitar team and every alchemical songwriting trick written about in the elder tomes. Their sound is hard-hitting, driving, riff-y and progressive, but a magical feel presents itself that puts them in a league of their own." 12.15.2014

Wolf-Rudiger Muhlmann, Deaf Forever Magazine (Germany)

"(One Eyed Horse) Alles an CORSAIR ist wunderbar. 8.5/10" 12.15.2014

Unkle K (Australia)

"Corsair from Charlottesville, Virginia have a rocking Lizzy-Gary Moore-Maiden vibe - great leads, cool vocals, great hooks. I found myself singing along after a couple of listens." 11.26.2014

Michael Robbins, Harper's Magazine May 2014

"Corsair are obstinately pretty..." 05.2014


Jan-Simon, Lords of Metal

"A remarkable album, in many ways. Remarkably old fashioned, remarkably inventive, remarkable well made." 12.2013

Jeremy Golden (Heaven and Hell Records), Dead Rhetoric

"Hands-down this is some of the best stuff I have come into this year." 10.05.2013

Chuck Eddy, SPIN Magazine

"...metal - black, death, grind, nu - has been trying to top itself, raise the bar, get nastier and more truly "metal"... unfortunately [it] is no guarantee of music actually worth listening to. [That] might explain why several smart young metal bands in recent years (Toronto's Cauldron, who sound like early Metallica crossed with early Def Leppard; Virginia's Corsair, who list as one of their influences '80s Metallica instrumentals) have decided the genre was more fun before all this "extreme," "brutal" horseshit, which is at least in part Metallica's fault, got so out of hand." 07.25.2013

Chuck Eddy, Rhapsody

"This co-ed Virginia quartet's first full-length is as confident and realized a debut as has come down the metal pike in many a moon. Two instrumentals ignite midway between '70s fusion and '80s Metallica; seven songs with words alternately set mythic D&D play-by-play to relaxed NWOBHM or the toastiness, tunefulness, rhythm and calm of classic Thin Lizzy. Criss-crossing guitars of Paul Sebring and Marie Landragin warm prog intricacy with blues a la the great lost Chicago band Winterhawk. Landragin finally takes vocal reins in "The Desert," and closes the set traversing Yes-like topography." 2013

Dirk Determann, Crossfire Metal (Germany)

"... an undiscovered gem. Really good stuff!" 06.21.2013

James Ford, C-ville Weekly

"Part of the appeal, and the formula for Corsair's success, is that the band is self-aware, and has a sense of humor about itself, while still taking its craft seriously. They're not afraid of flirting with the ridiculous, but they're too focused on making awesome music to think about tickling anyone's funnybone." 06.11.2013

Adam Deathstar, Metal Mouth

"(Alpha Centauri EP) From the deeply melodic to straight forward balls out rock, Corsair begin their career with the strongest possible foundations, showing their talents along with infinitely brilliant song-writing skill. Everyone needs some Corsair in their life." 06.11.2013

SPna15, Number of the Blagh

"I've been listening to this album a lot recently. Like way too much." 06.06.2013

Eduardo Rivadavia, Blabbermouth

"(Ghosts of Proxima Centauri EP) Charlottesville, Virginia's CORSAIR is one of those bands whose vintage sound could just as well have been recorded last week or in 1971. 8/10" 05.19.2013

Kronos Mortus Metal E-Zine

"(AC EP)... the debut EP is a unique and quality product in its own right, attributes upon which Shadow Kingdom Records always places the highest value." 05.14.2013

Keith Joshua Ham, Metal Temple

"(GPC EP) CORSAIR knows what they are doing and do it so well that I hate to say it (though I had earlier on) but I feel that perhaps they exceed comparisons to other bands. Thus, this album makes me feel oddly like MASTODON is a washed up clone. No offence to the greats they are but it seems like perhaps CORSAIR may be capable of toppling their reign. 9/10" 05.09.2013

Jan Simon, Lords of Metal (Netherlands)

"(GPC EP) Take the guitar exercises that comprise the mid part of "Eyes Of The Gods". The almost classic chord progressions form a pause amidst the equally classic sounding hard rock." 05.03.2013

The Ring Master Review

"(GPC EP)... impressed on its first release and still does even knowing what immense quality followed its wake. Whether discovering Corsair through the album or this EP both are releases all progressive and melodic rock/metal fans should and need to walk the outstanding lands of. 8/10" 05.02.2013

Adrien Begrand, MSN Entertainment

"(GPC EP) Corsair's self-titled debut is one of my favorite albums of the year so far, and now Shadow Kingdom has re-released their 2011 EP. While it's not as fully fleshed-out as the new album, it nevertheless shows you just how promising this Virginia band is. It's a work in progress, but it's one that's always interesting." 05.01.2013

Peter Loftus, Imhotep (Norway)

"(GPC EP) I am happy to sat that this is a new classic and Corsair are THE number one "vintage metal" act, even if not many people know that yet. 5.5/6" 04.30.2013

Stormbringer (Austria)

"(GPC EP) 3.5/5" 04.30.2013

Metal as Fuck

"(GPC EP) Their natural approach to this kind of sound is astoundingly good and well done. I mean, I know of a half-dozen bands that try so hard to sound like the bands of the past and just make fools of themselves, and Corsair is the real deal, where were these guys hidden?" 04.30.2013

Childeric Thor, Music Waves (France)

"(GPC EP) "7/10" 04.29.2013

Michael Voit, Metal Trails (Germany)

"(GPC EP) If the four would tell me, their remake of "Ghosts of Proxima Centauri" was published 35 years earlier, I would buy them without problems. 80/100" 04.29.2013

Dirk de Boer, Zware Metalen (Netherlands)

"(GPC EP) The sound is raw, the vocals are not always clear, but the intent is there." 04.28.2013

Paul Birch, Rock and Metal Zine (U.K.)

"(GPC EP) Somewhere out in space a dwarf star implodes, crumbling witlessly into oblivion while a million light years away a wolf howls at an unearthly moon: From this scuzzed-out barrage of sound two guitars surface, emitting acid-tinged phrases that call out to each other, begin to dance side by side then argue; shrieking in emotive stoner-blues rock fury. 6/10" 04.24.2013

Gizmo, Ave Noctum

"(GPC EP) The song writing, musical arrangements and musicianship is exemplary even here. When they go off on one like during the closing passages of "Eyes Of The Gods" or the opening instrumental "Wolfrider" you hear that distinctive Corsair sound as the guitars sing and harmonise together and bass and drums step beautifully into the space with more than just a solid rhythm but with melody and complexity too." 04.24.2013

Zikannuaire (France)

"(GPC EP) 4/5" 04.23.2013

Vincent, Metal Wave (Italy)

"(GPC EP) The first track is an instrumental and reveals a good preparation of the band in the music and composition. The guitars are very distorted and sharp, with riffs and solos that go well with the piece as in the classic metal '80s." 04.19.2013

Michael Toscher, FFM Rock (Germany)

"(GPC EP) A pleasant warm sound support your listening pleasure. Passionate, soulful, charmingly playful, fluid, wetted with dynamics of artistic expression is already here, the extraordinary talents of this immaculate fresh rough diamonds to express the like can often deliver such high-profile business cards!" 04.15.2013

Evil Jon, Metal News Online

"(GPC EP) I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed every song on this EP. It's fun, progy, guitar rock with an infectious, old-school vibe." 4.5/5" 04.06.2013

John Sturm, Ech(((o)))es and Dust

"(GPC EP) Corsair are one of those rare bands that can generate an emotional response in me simply through the music alone. The harmonies of guitarists Paul Sebring and Marie Landragin are so melodic and sweet it's like letting waves wash over your feet at the end of a long summer's day. Just like Simon & Garfunkel's intricate vocal harmonies are rich, intoxicating and hypnotic, so too are Corsair's albeit with guitars." 04.06.2013

Zach Kambour, Mostly Metal

"Overall the debut from Corsair is solid and very promising... If you are looking for a new band with a retro sound, Corsair is your band, and this album is a great first step into what I can only hope is a successful career. 7.5/10" 04.04.2013

Greg Moffitt, Upfront Profile, Decibel Magazine Issue #101

"...Corsair stand out from the pack." 03.2013

Fenriz, Rock Hard Magazine Issue #310 (Germany)

"9/10" 03.2013

Wolf-Rudiger Muhlmann, Bonus Bombe, Rock Hard Magazine Issue #309 (Germany)

"8.5/10" 03.2013

Rumore Magazine (Italy)

"7/10" 03.2013

The Grim Tower

" (GPC EP) 'Orca' returns with the band's female vocalist and conceptualizes into one of the best songs that I've ever heard from Corsair. The nature of the riff melodies capture the beauty of the ocean and open for the vocals which are delivered perfectly amidst the doom thumps and prog sections. 8/10" 03.30.2013

Lurk, Aux Portes du Metal (France)

"Keep talking about Gryphon Wing, this piece is the versatility of the group, starting with a very heavy metal inspired '80s, eventually becoming a pure piece of pop-rock with bouncy tunes ... One imagines in a field in spring, in the midst of wild grass and butterflies. And I hardly exaggerate! 15/20" 03.30.2013

Gardian666, VS Webzine (France)

"...where solos and arpeggios are small wonders. 14.5/20" 03.28.2013

Lokkie, Diary of a Metalhead (Spain)

"(GPC EP) 3/5" 03.25.2013

Dale, Canadian Assault (Canada)

"This is something to check out, not for every extreme metal fan to be sure, but devotee's of old school and new school progressive hard rock will want to give this one a listen." 03.24.2013

Mourning, Aristocrazi Webzine (Italy)

"The only thing really sensible thing to do is turn on the stereo, pull out the disc from its case and press "play" an infinite number of times. Buy the Corsair is a priority? The way I see it, after listening to it will become, and that says a lot about the validity of the work of this young band, do not miss the opportunity to come into contact with this." 03.24.2013

Walter Scheurer,

"(GPC EP) Even on this EP is more than just the inspiration clearly stood out, and I would even say for my part, CORSAIR were in their earlier days even a little closer to WISHBONE ASH or the early THIN LIZZY than on the long-irons." 03.21.2013

Matt Rice, The Eastern Echo

"Bruce Dickinson wishes he had an album this good in him. B+" 03.20.2013

Childeric Thor, Music Waves (France)

"7/10." 03.15.2013

OccultBlackMetal, Underground Musick Zine (Germany)

"In my opinion Corsair are a very great sounding hybrid of doom, heavy metal and progressive rock and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this band." 03.11.2013

Brutiful Metal Radio

"(GPC EP) Finally I hear a new upcoming band who respects the true roots of the origins of Heavy Metal. 5/5" 03.11.2013

Queen of Steel (Spain)

"(GPC EP) ...huge dose of improvisation as a brilliant guitar-jams, no doubt CORSAIR know how to hook the listener with its thousand and resources. 7/10" 03.10.2013

Yath, The Metal Blog

"Again, I don't know what to tell you; this music is awesome, groovy, melodic, progressive, heavy, original, catchy, fun, smart, different. Last but not least, the artwork is amazing and the lyrics are just as smart and interesting as the music. Awesome. 9/10" 03.07.2013

Dory Khawand, Metal Temple

"I've been spinning this record ever since I got it, and I highly recommend it as a refresher. Take a break from all that Thrash, Death, Power, or whatever race of Metal you are dedicated to and take a dip in the pool with CORSAIR for a while and chill. A very underrated release and shouldn't go unnoticed, now go do your ears a favour and check them out. 8/10" 03.07.2013

Erik Prog Tricolor

"Very nice CD indeed." 03.03.2013

Rock Album News (Germany)

"4/5" 02.13.2013

Aymerick Painless, Heavy Sound Webzine (France)

"7.5/10" 02.04.2013

Gun Shy Assassin, Guest Column - Marie Landragin


Chuck Eddy, Top 15 Metal Albums February 2013

"...towering over it all, a remarkable new band from Virginia called Corsair." 02.2013

Chris Kee, Zero Tolerance Magazine Issue #051

"Some of the guitar playing is just magnificent - deserving of being mentioned in the same breath as Gorham/Robertson - and there is not a weak track on this beautiful, spirited, passionate, captivating album. 5/5" 01.2013

Hannah May Kilroy, Terrorizer Magazine Issue #231 (U.K.)

"...making the past sound fresh again." 01.2013

Adrien Begrand, Terrorizer Magazine Issue #231 (U.K.)

"To hear an album this tasteful is an absolute shock to the system, and a welcome deviation from the norm. 4/5" 01.2013

Gizmo, Ave Noctum

"Beautiful can be overused, but this is simply beautiful. It dances and flows and catches a lump in my throat. Twin guitars harmonizing, lazy, sunny phrases gliding through some glorious open sky... Lord... It is sweet. 9/10" 01.31.2013

Gun Shy Assassin, Guest Column - Jordan Brunk


Skull Fracturing Metal

"'Chaemera' and 'Of Kings and Cowards' feature some of the best melodic passages on any album slapped with a "heavy metal" tag in quite some time, and the way they mesh with the vocals and other instruments is phenomenal. 4.4/5" 01.26.2013

Orion, U-Zine (France)

"8/10" 01.25.2013

Paul Caravasi, Aquelarrezine

"...album full of melodies, excellent guitars solos and catchy riffs, the second song reached just perfect harmonies and i could say that Corsair features great musicianship." 01.25.2013

JJ Thejimbo, Metal Fuzz

"6.75/11" 01.25.2013

Gun Shy Assassin, Guest Column - Paul Sebring

"[Horsefangs' Nicholas Liivak's] guitar always seems like it might explode as he spins these twisty turny riffs through their odd time signature songs." 01.24.2013

Thomas Johannson, Thrashcore (France)


Alain, Metal Integral (France)

"CORSAIR revisits old formulas with a real freshness... 4/5" 01.23.2013

Mark Peters, Crossfire Metal (Germany)

7/10 01.23.2013

Alex, Metal Reviews

"In many regards the praise for Corsair self-titled debut is warranted. The rumor has it that Corsair members have been honing their art for a while, and the album is definitely a result of skilled musicianship and delivering it from the heart. The latter, the heart comment, is truly an indelible mark Corsair leaves when the proceedings are over, since many a band can go for the 70s retro prog rock feel, but a few do it convincingly." 01.22.2013

Album of the Day, Roadburn Festival (Holland)


Jeb Wright, Classic Rock Revisited

"The music is both aggressive and sublime. It is heavy yet hypnotic. The bottom line is that the music of Corsair is the real deal. Grade: A (must own)." 01.20.2013

Iron Hops

"Of note is the fact that this is not a particularly heavy album; it is very, very upbeat, with a lot of happy major-key riffs. This won't surprise the Thin Lizzy fans, but it will be off-putting to a lot of metalheads, who expect to be crushed by darkness most of the time. Grade: B." 01.17.2013

Alberto Vitale, Giornale Metal (Italy)

"Without too many histrionics and trying to be rock with its own footprint, putting on the same level all the musicians and they may not lose a single note of what they do. This is "Corsair". 7.5/10" 01.17.2013

Hellgoat, Pop Dose

"We all know that these new-vintage bands have been cropping up all over the place in the past two years and maybe of them have been really good. Corsair might be the best. 10/10" 01.16.2013

David Gupta, Needs More Noise Gate (Canada)

"Yup. My first 5 out of 5. Corsair have made one of the, if not, the, album of the year. The fact that it's out so early in the year is almost unfair for everyone else For those of you who know how much I love Mastodon's Crack the Skye, I love Corsair almost as much. For those of you who don't know how much I love Crack the Skye, it's my favorite album. Ever. This is an album for anyone who loves music. Period. Great music, great vocals, excellent production, awesome lyrics, perfect length. In short, it's a flawless album. 5/5" 01.16.2013

Mike Smith, Metal Koaz

"Their debut effort is good, hell, it's REALLY good, but I can't help thinking that their next record is going to be REALLY F**KING GOOD! 8/10" 01.16.2013

Brian Krasman, Meat Mead Metal

"This is just a damn fun album, a killer slab of classic heavy metal, and a promising debut from a band whose bright future is built on the past." 01.16.2013

Walter Scheurer,

"Nevertheless, fans of melodic NWOBHM pace just going to enjoy "Corsair" as well as prog-lover with a penchant for the early history of the genre." 01.14.2013

Stormbringer (Austria)

"...this pleasant guitar sound you were accustomed only of Gorham/Robertson/Moore/Sykes, CORSAIR have the perfection down. 3.5/5" 01.13.2013

Victoria Anderson, This is Not a Scene

"The guitars have that 70s feel to them, very bell bottom blue jeans, wind-swept desert planes, and orange sun setting behind mountains of varying shades of brown." 01.13.2013

Focus on Metal

"Lots of bands have done the twin harmony deal but Robo and Gorham had a unique thing going and the guitarists in Corsair have brought that back to life. 7/10" 01.12.2013

Victoria Anderson, Ghost Cult Magazine

"They are in serious contention to be the Top Album of 2013." Issue #4 (pg. 39) 01.2013

David E. Gehlke, Blistering

"Corsair blossoms into an album that should have no problem bro-ing down with the prog geeks, and the suddenly hip, but not really hip, hipster metal crowd. Corsair is going to enjoy being popular. 8.5/10" 01.11.2013

Renato de Filippis, Metal Head (Italy)

" 'Chaemera' showcases the skills of guitar Paul Sebring [and Marie Landragin], the protagonist in a story where the shimmering sounds of its instrument overlook everything else. 7.5/10" 01.11.2013

Chris C, Bloody Good Horror

"A lot of the appeal of the record comes from those solos, the tasty swaths of notes dancing through our heads, topped off with a saturated tone straight out of the days of Eric Clapton and Cream. It's a controlled fuzz, the kind of sound that makes both the guitar and the guitarist seem inhuman, and turns the solos into other-worldly experiences." 01.09.2013

KZSC Santa Cruz 88.1FM, Loud Rock Charts

"This week brings some really neat stuff out of Corsair, a band that actually self released their first full length album back in April, but is now signed with Shadow Kingdom Records..." 01.07.2013

Eric May, The Grim Tower

"The album sounds like it was recorded back in the 80's, but it sounds like it would've stood the test of time in the 80's as well. These guys are great. There's a serious charm to their music that makes it just a joy to listen to. 8/10" 01.07.2013


Zach Duvall, Top 20 of 2012

"Corsair has more hot licks than the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. #19 of 20" 12.2012

Jeremy Witt, Top 20 of 2012

"Since their debut EP, all they've done is write great, fun hard rock and metal jams, and that's exactly what they're still doing here. #14 of 20" 12.2012

Top 10 New Albums of 2012, Rate Your Music

" of the most refreshing new HR/HM bands I've heard in a while. #2 0f 10" 12.2012

Cosmicmasseur, Concrete Web, (Belgium)

" of those rare but welcome CDs that grabs you from the very first track and holds you enraptured through the entire recording. 95/100" 12.31.2012

Record Boy, (Japan)


Adam Voorhees, Metal Mouth

"A stunning performance. 8/10" 12.28.2012

Ryan Swope, November 24th Spawned a Monster, Top 20 of 2012

"Wow... I had never heard of this band prior to reviewing this, but now I can't get them out of my head. Crazy, catchy riff rock that will have you smiling from ear to ear. #4 of 20." 12.26.2012

Scott Adams, Metal as Fuck (Australia)

"Albums that cover this much stylistic ground often have trouble maintaining the interest of the casual listener, as there's just not enough generic narrative to hold things together, but that's not the case with Corsair. The quality of the songwriting holds everything together, and this is a compelling, not to mention essential, addition to the collection of any hard rock collection." 12.26.2012

Chris Storey, With Guitars E-Zine

"If you like your rock/metal and are a fan of timeless guitar playing then I suggest you check this album out which is already set as a big contender for album of the year in 2013. 9/10" 12.22.2012

Metal Surfer

"Corsair's debut is one of the few albums in recent memory that I can see metal-heads, indie rockers and my dad all enjoying. Thick 70's style Thin Lizzy guitar-work combined with Lagwagon style vocals are Corsair's recipe, and wow does it deliver." 12.21.2012

Bill Martel, We Love Metal

"If you are one of the fortunate to own this album, tell a friend and have them pick one up. Tell them to ignore the "labels" and just enjoy Corsair for the music they make!" 12.20.2012

Matt Cunningham, Adequacy Indie Music Reviews

"There is much to expected in the future of this band. The song writing continues to grow with each release, and the production quality continues to improve. If there is any negative aspect to this album, it is that the instruments at times do not feel full enough. This is a band that should produce sound to fill a stadium... That being said, this is a band to watch closely and a 'must-own' album for every fan of hard rock and metal. Expect awesome things in their future." 12.20.2012

A.S. Van Dorston, Best Albums of 2012

"Corsair are a Thin Lizzy-worshipping band who are just so damn good at what they do, including some remarkably soulful vocals, that they're a must hear. (Debuts of the Year, #5 in Heavy Rock, Hard Rock, Occult Rock, Neo-Prog, Post-Metal, #24 of 661 Complete 2012 List)" 12.19.2012

Terrible Certainty Zine

"...they're only not a metal act, but strictly speaking it's also misleading to pigeon-hole them as a traditional hard-rock band. There's certainly much of that to be found, and Corsair seems to be aimed squarely at the metal hard/rock fanbase(s), but this album has some serious crossover potential. It's the album you'll reach for when you have to please a car full of friends. As trite as it sounds, there truly is something for just about everyone in Corsair - vintage hard rock values coupled with progressive, genre-jumping sensibilities; but also giant-sized hooks and modern-leaning clean, bright melodies. All are married through cohesive, surprisingly textured songwriting that is immediately impressive, yet reveals a subtle depth with time." 12.18.2012

Michael Haifl, (Germany)

"What the guitar duo Paul Sebring and Marie Landragin conjures here, does not resolve only slightly from the classic alarm. Strikingly, however, is the excellent bass playing that is beneficial despite the two guitars in the foreground stays equal. 9/10" 12.18.2012

Victor Varas, Zombie Ritual Zine

"All in all, this is an excellent album of rock, and you can't miss it if you are into the new wave of old style heavy metal, and psychedelic rock." 12.12.2012

Anders Ekdahl, Battle Helm Magazine

"This might be a brand new album released in 2012 but musically this is as old as I am. Drawing from the 70s prog and psychedelia movements this is anything but bland. I'm not the hugest connoisseur of that era's music but I do enjoy it when I hear it. And what I hear on this album I like. This is the kind of music that I can listen to on my earphones." 12.12.2012

Countraven, Forgotten Scroll

"...this debut is one of the very few examples of a record that is heard from the beginning to the end without any skipping, without any filler song to be included, without any mediocre musical moment. Like the good old times folks, one play, one go, you are listening the WHOLE album from the beginning to the end and you want to do it again when it is over!" 12.12.2012

Metal Zine (Poland)

"It is ascetically, but also greasy, especially on the guitar, the amazing harmonies are the hallmark of Corsair. It should be added that one of the guitars support a woman, and the video materials, it can be concluded that the guitar is doing probably better than many scavenger ugly sex. 9/10" 12.11.2012

George Washburn, Metal Disciple

"The production sound certainly comes across like it was recorded in the 70s, but despite that the songs still sound good. The sound is not as full and rounded as albums produced in the last two decades, but because it is still quite clear and because the musicianship is so good, it still works for me." 12.10.2012

Snake Metal Radio

"The songwriting is complex, yet grounded; the songs are filled to the brims with catchy melodies and riffs. Singing is clean and soulful (and shared by three members of the band, each with their own distinct style)." 12.09.2012

Kaj Roth, Rothnroll (Sweden)

"With a sound dated to classic rock, the Virginia based band Corsair's debut album could've been released in 1975." 12.09.2012

Ryan Fairfield, Lunar Doom, Doom Metal Magazine

"It really just sounds like a bunch of metal heads, drinking beers, and jamming the fuck out... that's what stands out most about this debut: it sounds fun! I cannot think of the last metal record that I listened to that put me in a good mood. Let's face it, metal tends to be a real downer sometimes, especially doom metal. This is the total opposite, and without ever resorting to sailing the seas of cheese (here's looking at you thrash-revivalists!)." 12.03.2012

Adrien Begrand, MSN Entertainment Blogs

"It can be epic at times but the songs never meander, subtly whimsical melodies often appear to bring a little levity to the music, but best of all, that singing, simple as it is and split between three members, breathes life into the tracks that a monotonous growler could never do." 12.01.2012

Queen of Steel (Spain)

"Well, to be honest, it's hard to make a review of a genre that is not exactly a fan either, but quite the opposite. With an assortment of riffs laden rock tune that made some catchy tunes, the guitar is the essential element in CORSAIR. Guitarrera That warmth makes this "Corsair" work accessible to our ears. Each theme has that spark of energy that makes us feel curious what sound then capturing our attention from beginning to end of the compact. 7.5/10" 11.20.2012

Bonobo, Heavy Law (France)

"Le combo evolue dans un registre assez singulier, melangeant les sonorites des vieux groupes de Rock/Metal et de progressif des annees 70." 11.12.2012

Todd Severin, The Ripple Effect

"Yep, everything I loved about the debut is still there. That fantastic dual lead harmony guitar work, the raw and roughened production, the faint NWOBHM DIY feeling, all the way down to the self-printed CD cover." 09.24.2012

Jay Snyder, Hellride Music

"I should have titled this review, "Leads, harmonies, and riffs... Oh my!" There's no way you can even tackle a review of Corsair without using such key words. The band eat, sleep and breathe all three, and when shackled to an airtight rhythm section and a slick vocal performance, you get nothing but exactly what you need to hear when it comes to stellar, old school metal played in the modern age. Between this S/T release and Ghosts of Proxima Centauri (the first EP is killer, but not on the level of these last two), Corsair already have a pair of landmark releases under their belt that any fan of classic metal would be a fool to ignore. This will be one of my favorite releases of the year when all is said and done... there's no doubt in my mind!" 09.06.2012

JJ Koczan, The Obelisk

"...for much of 'Corsair', it's the guitars responsible for driving the songs. Just as well, as Corsair has already proven their ability to write intricate and individualized material without losing sight of their technical appeal, and cuts like the classic pop-rocking "Falconer" seem to affirm this same penchant." 08.09.2012

Zach Duvall, Last Rites

"It[s]... no surprise that the band's primary influences are also driven by six strings and a stack. Thin Lizzy, the hardest driving Led Zeppelin, and bits of classic British metal are joined by a progressive rock mindset and flashes of spacey Hawkwind to form a flurry of always-active-but-never-indulgent hard rock/metal. The album is laid-back but also emotionally driven; it's technical but never boisterous, and complex without having a learning curve. Most of all it harkens back to a time when rockin' was free of pretension and just plain cool. You'd have to be pretty black and cold inside if you can listen to this without your hands either in the air as fists or placed in front of you on an imaginary guitar. 8/10" 07.05.2012

Andreas Schiffmann, Musik Reviews (Germany)

"Corsair are a foursome, gang of four, of rare musical value. For whomever there are too few groups like Hammers of Misfortune or Perry Grayson's Falcon, there's no choice but to round up their three discs. If a label bites here, the group will surely make a sensation in the course of the ongoing retro boom.13/15" 07.03.2012
Translation here.

Chris Hartranft, Dangerdog Music Reviews (Australia)

"Corsair has a gift for both melody and intrigue in their compositions. Yet, the real highlight of any Corsair song is the twin guitar work from Marie Landragin and Paul Sebring, which is masterful throughout. 4.5/5" 05.07.2012

Holger Andrae, Power Metal (Germany)

"A real rocker with beautiful flourishes. give me the missing surprise succeeds the sympathetic quartet with the final six minutes Number "The Desert". Not only that this title seems to float with its shimmering guitars almost above the ground at the beginning, no, the unexpected use of Marie as a singer, that number once again make a very special treat. Her tender voice fits perfectly with the atmosphere of this number and added another color spectrum to the music of CORSAIR that anyway quite colorful sounds. 8/10" 04.20.2012


Jeremy Witt, Metal Review Best of 2011

"...another hand-crafted platter of stoner-prog quality from a band that should have a record deal by now..." 12.21.2011

Zach Duvall, Metal Review Best of 2011

"This is great and all, quite so actually, but release a full length already would ya guys and gal?" 12.18.2011

Prolonged Spumesence, Metalireland (Ireland)

"Picked up this lot's self released CD's Alpha Centauri and Ghosts of Proxima Centauri on a whim recently from Black Tears. Their name and in the descriptive blurb immediately brought a hope to mind that they would be something akin to Slough Feg so I decided to take the plunge and splashed out the meager few quid for both releases. Have to say I'm not disappointed in the slightest with what I got. Both releases show huge promise. Especially "Ghosts..." which is much more together sounding stylistically. Not to dissimilar to Hammers of Misfortune or Slough Feg... Actually maybe they sit somewhere in between the two. They've got the slightly progressive vibe of HoM and the Lizzy-esqe twin guitar melodies of Slough Feg. I'm also hearing some AC/DC and Hawkwind in there in places too. The handmade packaging on both releases is a really nice touch also." 11.07.2011

The Ripple Effect

"Corsair aren't from England, they're from Virginia, and this is't 1979, but still, this is my NWOBHM demo tape. This is the gutter level rock band dropping their tape in my lap and my ears perking up and praising thanks. This is what it's all about." 10.17.2011

Cosmicmasseur, Concreteweb (Belgium)

"As soon as this 6-track record arrived at my door I found myself grinning from ear to ear and the beautifully handcrafted disc almost immediately found itself in my cd-player. Their previous 5-track CDEP Alpha Centauri was such a blast for me that I didn't want to leave the newborn offering unheard for a second longer. And yes as stated in the previous review, this is heartfelt music that I will never get tired of." 07.17.2011

Ed, Doomantia

" ...the second half of this album is where the real goods are. 'Centurion,' 'Orca' and 'Eyes Of The Gods' are exceptional tracks that push the envelope that little bit more as the band heads into within the realms of stoner-metal. The tracks are heavier overall and the music soars with excellent melodies and accomplished musicianship... if you want to hear something truly unique, it is hard to go past this... 7/10" 05.11.2011

Joel Steudler

"I wanted to offer my compliments on what is a fantastic album. Your musicianship is outstanding without being showy: detailed and intricate but not in any way lacking power. The meaty guitar tone may bellow with raw feedback but it never grows muddled and lets the endless flow of riffs and licks stick right in your head. This adventure rock journeys from genre to genre, easily navigating treacherous ground like an expert sherpa guiding listeners through timeless tracks. Thanks for writing such a cool album, keep up the great work!" 05.07.2011

JJ Koczan, The Obelisk

"Through the half-hour of material on Ghosts of Proxima Centauri, Corsair sound like a fast-maturing and technically proficient band of songwriters, working on a brew of riffy heaviness that's never too self-indulgent for its own good and never loses sight of the "rock" end of prog rock." 05.02.2011

Hellride Music Interview

"I love this band. From their brand of heavy music - a weird but compelling amalgamation of Slough Feg, Falcon and 70's FX-laden superheroes ELO - to the beautiful DIY printscreen on their custom-made CD packages, Corsair are one of the best surprises of the new decade, Their second album, Ghosts of Proxima Centauri sounds like the exact meeting point of when 70's Hard Rock met the first gleanings of Heavy Metal - aggressive, chocked full of dynamics, but tempered with a vintage, warm and fat tone. Hellride chats up guitarist and Corsair founder, Marie Landragin on how the band evolved from 13 piece Black Sabbath cover band to the eclectic genius it is today." 04.28.2011

Thomas Schoenbeck, Bloodchamber (Germany)

"It's hard to find something here that isn't as it should be, because everything is solid, technically and compositionally speaking... and if you give the record enough room to unfold, Corsair is extraordinarily fun [again]." 04.23.2011

Jeremy Witt, Last Rites

"...[Ghosts of Proxima Centauri] capitalizes on the band's strengths whilst honing their sound to a sharper point. Now two EPs into their career, Corsair remains an uncovered gem in the rock world. I say again: why is this band still unsigned? 8/10" 04.11.2011

Zee Zee, My Global Mind

"One of the real special things about this band is that they really are hard to describe and manage to stand out with a bit of unique sound without having to resort to the overly weird stuff that a lot of other progressive bands attempt in a bid to stand out. Yes, it's definitely best described in a broad sense as progressive rock, but the raw sound, the tube sounds on the guitars, the dual guitar attacks, the earnest vocals and the overall vibe also lend themselves toward classic psychedelic rock and some of the longer musical passages are straight out of the space rock playbook, but take all of this and add a layer of fuzz and haze from the stoner rock arena and that takes us somewhere close to describing what this disc [Ghosts of Proxima Centauri] truly sounds like. 8/10" 03.31.2011

Chris Barnes, Hellride Music

"[Ghosts of Proxima Centauri] is a transition from the Classic Rock/Psychedelic sound of their past to one that harkens back to when Hard Rock was at the cusp of becoming Heavy Metal, but with their own unique 'Adventure Rock' twist. Cosair circa 2011 reminds me of what would occur if Slough Feg, Falcon and ELO (that's right, I said it - can't help but think of the great ELO with all the great FX and melody) united on a cosmic scale... Ghosts of Proxima Centauri is unique work I can't recommend highly enough - I mean, Slough Feg, Falcon AND ELO?? Get outta here! Great, unique sound, 'Adventure Rock' supreme!!" 03.25.2011

Craig Hartranft, Dangerdog Music Reviews

"Once again, Corsair delivers and they have found their groove: this is definitive stuff. Once again this disc is too short. It's time for a full-length LP, and some label should pick this band up. Strongly recommended: visit the links and buy Ghosts of Proxima Centauri. 4.5/5.0" 03.18.2011

Ray Dorsey, Ray's Realm

"As if these mofos weren't kick-ass enough on their first disc last year, they decided to go 'head and melt its' face with this brand new one. Thin Lizzy, Hawkwind, Sabbath (Bloody Sabbath era) and even Resistor rear their kick-ass heads on wondrous epics like "Orca." Yes, you need this!" 03.17.2011

Andrew Cedermark, Cville Weekly

"Good new discs are piling up on my good old desk, including a new one from the r'n'r slayers Corsair, called the Ghosts of Proxima Centauri EP. The disc picks up where its last, Alpha Centauri, left off, with shred-happy guitarists Marie Landragin and Paul Sebring dueling their through a tongue-in-cheek fantasy world. (That's why they're allowed to use titles like "Wolfrider," "Warrior Woman" and my favorite "Orca.") But this time, Corsair's expanded their sonic pallette; guitars shriek a little more hellishly, for one. And the bone dry production, gutteral low end, and double-tracked vocals keeps Corsair in the land where giants walk. Think ZZ Top, Thin Lizzy and, of course, Ozzy. Wait did I just hear a quintuple-tracked guitar?" 02.24.2011

Stephanie Marie Garcia, The Hook

"Where do you go after you've already blasted into outer space? After local prog-rockers Corsair released their debut record approximately one year ago, they immediately began pushing their boundaries..." 02.19.2011


John Ray's Top 20 of 2010, Metal Review

Corsair's first EP, Alpha Centauri, on John Ray's favorite EP's of the year list. 12.27.2010

Zach Duvall's Top 20 of 2010, Metal Review

Alpha Centauri on Zach Duvall's EP's of the Year list. 12.21.2010

John Brenner (Against Nature), Gearhead interview with Marie

"After your set back in July, I asked you (shamefaced!) to turn up the Marshall all the way and play a chord, so I could hear what it sounded like. My ears are still ringing! Do you ever turn everything up to 10 when you play?" 08.2010

Thomas Schoenbeck, Bloodchamber

"'Alpha Centauri' sounds as lovely as the cover... looks. Slightly "dusty" tones that have their roots in the 70's cater for a very pleasant and relaxing atmosphere... In general the songs are the exact opposite of a neck breaker, and just that makes the magic of CORSAIR. The two instrumental pieces have the same "bite" as the three with vocals. Calm but exciting pieces line up like on a pearl necklace and do not show any signs of weaknesses..." 2010
It is quite difficult to describe 'Alpha Centauri', as the deep structures offer many angles that seem to change constantly. Whoever likes the classical 70's structure combined with a skilled mix of hard rock, psychedelic rock, and spacerock should invest the laughable sum of $5 for this gem. I, myself, am already drooling about the next release of this band!" 2010

Sir Lord Doom, Hellion Records

"Well, these cool cats here are definitely unique. While they don't really care for innovations, they kick arse with their earthy, yet enchanting heavy rawk sound you'd remember hearing from your father or elder brother's record collection from the 70s. It's that original, no carboned retro copy crap. They do twin guitar duels mixed with powerful boiling chords, just to make your mind go up in smoke. Technically this is overwhelmingly exact while being completely relaxed. The feeling overall is beautiful, you have some mystical passages, some cool, earthy melodies and lots of kicking heavy moments. For all who love the originals and new acts such as OGRE and FALCON shall grab this smoker!" 2010

Russ Cardona, Peacedogman

"From the vintage yet clean and clear production to the scorching guitar work of Paul Sebring and Marie Landragin, it was the first time in a long time that I felt myself not wanting to change a thing about what I'd just heard... To all fans of classic rock and AOR out there, take note: You've just found your new favorite band." 2010

John Ruscher, Cville Weekly

"Combine Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, and Robert Heinlein and you get Corsair, one of the most rocking bands in town. The Sabbath part makes perfect sense, as the band originally spawned from the annual local tribute act, Mass Sabbath. A nod to Thin Lizzy isn't hard either, since guitarists Marie Landragin and Paul Sebring play dueling leads comparable to those rockers. The Heinlein tie-in reaches a little further, but refers to the band's lyrical direction: a fascination with science fiction spacescapes." 2010

Stephanie Garcia, The Hook

"Along with an eye to sharp and compelling story-telling, Corsair adds in an obvious jolt of guitar-shredding, genre-meshing talent... the group's debut EP is a polished, harmony-driven nod to 1970's psychedelic metal yet Alpha Centauri's greatest strength comes from its wide range of melodic allusions, from a gospel-esque chorus to stripped-down baroque strains." 02.15.2010

Ray Dorsey, Raysrealm

"Without a doubt, CORSAIR's "Alpha Centauri" is the biggest out-of-left-field surprise of the year so far. But don't think my admiration stops there. It may also be early 2010's best overall..." 2010

JJ Koczan, The Obelisk

"Alpha Centauri is done in under a half-hour, but it's more than enough time to see and understand Corsair are onto something with their developing sound. As they blend pieces of classic prog, space and stoner rocks, they're only going to find out the result of combining these elements is an approach all their own." 2010

John Ray, Last Rites

"It really is the complete package and Alpha Centauri's familiarity is a function of being sincerely and deeply rooted in loyalty to heavy rock's golden age. That is to say, Corsair's first EP is a no-brainer for anybody with a soft spot for that era's enduring sound. 8.2/10" 3.27.2010

Nightwatcher's House of Rock

"Influenced by Sabbath, UFO, Wishbone Ash, King Crimson, Deep Purple and other 70's heavyweights, one will also hear elements of Bowie, the space rock of Hawkwind and even 80's NWOBHM legends Diamond Head in the mix, all spearheaded by the twin guitar leads of Paul Sebring and Marie Landragin, who combine in the spirit of such hallowed teams as Gorham/Robertson or Tipton/Downing of old." 2010